RESERVED: 50ml Moon White Ruyao Teacup, 月白汝窑茶杯

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This listing is for a custom purchase. It is reserved.

Volume filled to brim: Approximately 50ml

The color of this ruyao glaze is called 月白 "moon white." In most light it will appear to be an extremely pale blue. 

Shan Kiln ruyao has a glow and a depth that are a result of the ruyao glaze recipes of the studio. When firing the pottery, and as the body expands, crazing appears on the surface of the glaze. These 开片 or "opening cracks," are found on all ruyao and will expand on the glaze with use. They give each piece its unique character. 

​This is handmade by Master Lee ShanMing 李善明. He has devoted himself to ru kiln products for over 15 years. His signature is on the bottom of the cup, it says "Shan ". "Shan" is the middle character of the artist's name, it means kindness, "yin" means to hide yourself. "Shan Yin" describes the philosophy of the artist, which is to be kind and to be low key.