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About us

About us
MudandLeaves is a ceramics and tea export company based in Ottawa Canada and Guangzhou China. We maintain two offices, one in each country. All items ship from Guangzhou China.

Handmade in China.​
Our products are handmade by artists working in traditional ceramic and porcelain studios in China. 
At MudandLeaves we have made it our mission to deliver timeless and functional handmade porcelain and ceramic ware.
The phrase “fine china” conjures images of thousands of years of artistry, the silk road, and a delicate art passed down through generations of masters and apprentices. However, china is also a set of practical tools that can accompany us as we enjoy our daily ritual, enhancing the enjoyment of tea. Form follows function for our pieces as we stock beautiful but also practical pieces for daily tea drinking.
We carefully select the studios we partner with to bring you the best handmade, fine china and Chinese ceramics. Before partnering with our suppliers, we first visit their studios and test out their stock. We look for studios that provide fine quality handmade pieces using traditional and trustworthy material, and which pay their artists a fair wage for their work. We look at the material sourced by the studios to make sure it is up to our standards and that it is what is being represented. Finally, we test their products to make sure they meet our standards for quality and daily use. We partner with them directly so that we can deliver the best product at the lowest price.
Some of the studios we are partnered with:
 QingKeXuan Studio
This studio is based in Jingdezhen 景德镇, the capital of fine china. Carrying the legacy of fine artistry and exquisite porcelain that Jingdezhen is synonymous with, the studio continues to produce traditionally-crafted China of the highest quality. Since each piece is handmade there may be a slight variation between each piece, and hence each piece is truly unique. 

Shan Kiln
Our Collectors’ series. The founder of the studio, Lee Shanming, developed his ruyao glaze and clay after years of research and testing. High quality ruyao is more difficult to manufacture; the quality and character of the glaze can only be achieved with certain materials and the result is unstable until it is successfully fired. The difficulty of working with the material means a high scrap rate during firing. Only some pieces make it through the entire manufacturing process. Although the market is full of low quality “ruyao” and crackled machine-made ceramic, Shan Kilns’ ruyao is one of the few suppliers of high quality ruyao that approximates the quality and characteristics of ancient ruyao. Thanks to his support for our store, we are authorized to carry his products for sale outside of China. Every piece comes with a collector’s certificate that has Mr. Lee’s signature. Mr. Lee’s work is quite limited in number, with some of his pieces only numbering 20 in total per year. We accept pre-orders for these limited items that are not yet in stock.
Guangxi Nixing Teapots
Nixing tea ware is produced in the town of Qinzhou, in Guangxi province, China.
We are very proud to feature the Nixing Clay Teapots of Li Changquan in our Shop. The Master of the Li Brothers Studio, Li has carried and added to the legacy of his family’s studio. 
Li’s work, including his wheeling and especially his carvings, have earned the recognition of both artists and experts in the field, and he has seen his work exhibited in galleries in China and abroad.
A number of his pots and vases with carvings was collected and exhibited by the Guangzhou City Art Museum (广州市艺术珍品馆) as part of the museum’s permanent collection.
We also carry teapots and cups from a number of promising young talent in the Nixing clay world.
Yixing Teapots by Lin Hanpeng and Chen Chunhong 
Yixing  宜兴 is the home of China’s famous earthenware known as Zisha 紫砂. One of the most sought-after kinds of clay by Chinese tea drinkers, Yixing teapots are prized for their varying porosity and their ability to absorb tea and become seasoned as they are used. As always, we only stock products that we would use ourselves. Many of our personal Yixing teapots were made by this studio. Lin Hanpeng and Chen Chunhong Studio uses only verified Yixing Clay, unmixed with other clays or chemicals, which has been mined and supplied by authorized suppliers in the town of Yixing. Lin and Chen, the owners of the studio, take care at each step of production, from sourcing the clay, treating it, shaping it, and firing it. Not only do they supply some of the nicest teapots, but they are practical, good daily use teaware with beautiful clay that gets nicer with use.

Some selected teaware is available for wholesale. Please contact us and indicate which products are of interest and we can provide more information. 

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