Roasted High Mountain Tea Sample Pack of 3 Varieties, 75g total

Roasted High Mountain Tea Sample Pack of 3 Varieties, 75g total

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This sample pack contains 25g each of three varieties of Roasted High Mountain Oolong. 25g x 3 = 75g total.

The sample pack includes the following teas:

25g: Alishan Roasted High Mountain Oolong, Spring 2019 

25g: Golden Concubine Oolong, 2020 

25g: Golden Prize Technique High Mountain Oolong, Spring 2019 


Kung Fu Brewing

Warm the teapot or gaiwan by adding hot water and then pouring it out.

Add around 5g of tea for every 150ml of water. Begin by adding the loose tea to the teapot or gaiwan.

We recommend using water around 95C.

Tea can be rinsed quickly with hot water. This first rinse helps to open up the tea for its first brew. This first rinse is optional.

The tea can be steeped multiple times (at least 6 times). We recommend the following steep times per brew, but we also recommend extending or shortening the brewing time depending on preference for a stronger or weaker brew.

Steep Times:

1st :50s → 2nd: 45s → 3rd:50s → 4th:50s → 5th:60s


Western Method

We recommend using a large coffee mug and a tea strainer or a thermos with a tea strainer for this method. Add 1 tsp of tea to the strainer and place it into the thermos or mug.

Pour hot water into the vessel. We recommend using water between 95-100C. As soon as the water has come to a boil and settled, it can be added to the mug or thermos.

The tea can be steeped 2-3 times. We recommend beginning by steeping for 2-3 minutes and then extending steeping time if desired.

Cold Brewing Method

Add 1 tsp for a 500ml thermos.

Add cold or room temperature water to the thermos.

Seal the lid and place the thermos in a refrigerator. We recommend leaving the thermos for at

least 4hours. Thermos can be put into the refrigerator to steep overnight.

If refilling, we recommend topping up the water before the volume falls

half-way to keep the tea flavourful.