Wood Fired Yixing Teapot, Dezhong Style, Dicaoqing Clay, 200ml

Wood Fired Yixing Teapot, Dezhong Style, Dicaoqing Clay, 200ml

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This is an Yixing teapot made from dicaoqing 底槽青 zisha, a dark brown-purple Yixing clay. This dicaoqing is original ore zisha from Huanglongshan Number 4 Mine. This clay is very versatile and is good for use with most kinds of tea.

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This pot is known as "half-handmade" as the sculptor uses a molding tool to shape the body, and uses his hands for the handle, spout, holes, and smoothing out the body. In fact, no machine was used in it's shaping as the use of the tool is entirely manual.

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This pot holds 200 ml and was made by Lin Hanpeng and Chen Chunhong Studio.

This teapot was fired in a traditional wood kiln in Yixing. The pattern, color and finish are the result of being fired uncovered in a wood kiln for 3 days and 4 nights. The pine tree ash falls on the surface of the teapot forming a natural glaze that is sometimes glossy black, red, brown, yellow, green or any combination of these colors. Wood Fired Yixing Teapots each have their own special appearance, no two are the same.​​ Photos are of actual teapot.

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Preparation Before Use

Yixing Teapots should be prepared before using the first time. This is called "opening the pot". It removes the dust from firing the teapot.

We recommend rinsing the teapot under warm water two or three times, then filling the teapot with boiling water and emptying it out two to three times. After this the teapot is ready for use.